The importance of retaining existing customers and expanding business is paramount in today’s commercial world. It’s the cost of acquiring new customers that proves how important every existing customer could be.

Opening up channels such as direct sales, online sales, franchises, use of agents, etc presents a gamut of opportunities to the customer to conduct business with your company. However, this results in a greater need to manage and organize the interaction with your customer base

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps businesses to gain an insight into the behavior of their customers and modify their business operations to ensure that customers are served in the best possible way. It helps consolidate data from different functional departments into one system. It’s a onestop shop for employees trying to access data on a customer or lead. Sales personnel on the road can get the benefit of up-to-date information before going into meetings thereby giving them the competitive edge needed to close a sale.

Not only is the CRM system a warehouse of information it also serves as a organization tool. It helps schedule and track sales cycle activities. It provides data on status of sales, task accomplished, tasks to be taken care of, it triggers alerts notifying the appropriate personnel of jobs to be done, customers to be contacted, calls to be returned etc.

CRM can help in customer segmentation, enabling targeted marketing plan generation. The system can be used to keep track of the campaign results and compute the success & ROI of implemented strategies. Since all details of customer interactions, purchases history, SLA’s and critical customer issues are all documented, it’s easier to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

CRM enables increase in productivity by
  • Organizing Sales-Cycle Activities
  • Consolidating Cross Functional Departmental data
  • Lead Analysis
  • Access to Social Networking data

Our Process
understanding our client is the first step to building quality products that are cost effective and technology enabled. Right from learning about your organization to understanding your product/services and customers; we aim at providing relevant, timely, efficiency enhancing solutions
we strive to offer various cost effective, technology enabled solutions and consulting services for businesses in various fields. Right from designing and building a website to tailor made software solutions, our technical expert consultants would leave no stone unturned to build a solution that would best fit your organization.
we are driven to keep your project on-budget, on-time and on-point, while being responsive to your business needs.
ElixirCRM includes a complete set of features, which works out of the box with very minimal configurations. To further our goal to help our customers we customize it according to their needs.
It works on linux, windows and apple computers and can be accessed from mobile.
The verticals we've customized our CRM package for our clients till date are Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Construction, Software, Education.
Key Features of ElixirCRM Include
Data Tracking
  • Easy to track leads
  • Easy to track opportunities
  • Easy to monitor sales process - conversion of leads to clients
  • Easy access to unlimited data on potential client
  • Easy to follow-up sales
  • Easy status updates on customer profiles
  • Up-to-date information on customer available
    to sales personnel on the road
Charts And Reports
  • Charts out of the box
  • Opportunity Lead Mapping
  • Employee performance
  • Campaign ROI
  • Pipelines By Stage
  • Monthly Sales Outcome
Contact Manager
  • Create Contacts
  • Track Contacts based on lead/opportunity/account
  • A single repository of company wide contacts
  • Never lose contact Data
Account Manager
  • Track Companies holding Accounts with you
  • Account to lead/opportunity & Contact mapping
  • Sales to Account Mapping
  • Campaign Manager
  • Campaign Builder
  • Campaign Tracker
  • Campaign Budget Tracker
  • Campaign Mail Sender
  • Targets Manager
Task and Project Manager
  • In built Calendar
  • In built Task Manager
  • In built Project Manager
  • In built Document Manager
  • In built Meeting Manager
  • In built Calls Manager with call log facility
Document Management
  • Create Document
  • Revision History
  • Share Documents with users and Contacts
Case And Bug Trackers
  • Track all cases and bugs
  • Simple Ticketing system
  • Assignable Cases
User Management
  • All Employee Details
  • Password Protected Data
  • Role based Access Privileges, ensuring data safety
  • Module Based Access Privileges
  • All/Any features can be customized
  • New features can be added
  • Customizable Interface
For demo, pricing or any other queries please feel free to contact us Or mail us at
CRM On-Demand
We provide an on Demand CRM, which just works right out of the box.
Any time, Anywhere, all you need is a browser, mobile or desktop, the CRM is always available at your finger tips.
For a complete list of features, please refer to our products page.
For demo, pricing or any other queries please feel free to contact us Or mail us at

Designing, Develop & Deploy
Keeping in mind our core process, we observe and learn the clients requirements. From conceptualization of the product, to designing data formats, we engage with the customer to design a product thats best suited for the clients' needs, instead of just mashing up things just because they're the next best thing since sliced bread.
We create and bring to life the requirements, with a zeal for coding and a zest for knowledge, we can zoom past with our development. From web apps to mobile apps, from desktop to the cloud, we've written code for almost all platforms.
We deliver on time and as promised. with a penchant for time and a ear for critique, we happily deliver the code to our client. Deploying the code, locally, remotely or on a device, no deployment scenario has eluded us.
We provide consulting for smes to help them understand that to scale you need technology. We architect the entire information technology workflow and help them pinpoint the exact areas where technology is needed and what that technology should be. We've worked with very large software companies to retail stores and empowered them to use the right technology, the right way. From databases to data formats, we've helped our clients understand the value of the byte, bit by bit.
Cloud Hosting
We provide cloud hosting services for just about any type of content. From web pages, to data repositories, from backup stores to web applications. We only charge based on usage, so you only pay for what you use.
Story so far
Our Process
Our Philosophy
Our Clientele

Elixir Consulting Services has been in operation for nearly a decade providing organizations with tailor-made business solutions resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Our consulting services, have helped organizations embrace new technologies and gain from it by harnessing the improved productivity, throughput and the new tools that these new technologies bring with them.

Our team constantly endeavors to better our service offerings and is constantly working to better our current products while learning new things and adapting quickly to new changes and permeating the benefits through our chain. With fast paced changes in information technology in the recent years and "big data" growing even bigger by the second, we've grown stronger by being lean and improving ourselves to better serve our customers with the right product and service at the right point in time.

We will always continue to believe in three simple words: observe, create and deliver.

We observe the markets, constantly searching for better ways to perform common mundane tasks and automate them.

We create these changes into our products, services and philosophies.

We deliver it to our clients, with the same enthusiasm that we shared when we first came across these new methodologies.

We are proud of the fact that we can quickly adapt and learn and yet not forget what we've learned so far.

In this ever changing market, adaptation is the way forward. If you don't adapt, you don't fit in tomorrow. We pleasantly encourage our clients to come join us today, so we can better equip ourselves for tomorrow.

Our Logo is an embodiment of our core philosophies.
As the old adage goes "Keep your head up in the sky, but keep your feet firmly on the ground".
Here at Elixir we like to think of it as "Keep your head in the "cloud"( a little word play ), but keep your feet firmly on the ground".
Our logo symbolizes this in its design.

Instead of saying "Better late than never", we'd rather say "We're here now, lets take this forward!"
So come join us and lets take this forward!

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